Several times a year in Pintxos, we hold exciting gastronomic and wine events, where we showcase selected tapas and wines from different regions of Spain. Subscribe to our newsletter, and we will send you invitations to our exciting events. Our menu offers authentic Spanish cuisine specialties, prepared by our very own experienced Spanish chefs. Waiters are also Spanish that contribute to a casual, intimate and fast-paced atmosphere. You will find us in the cozy Nansengade neighborhood walking distance to the metro in Nørreport Station and ‘Torvehallerne.’



1. Pan a la catalana
Toasted bread with tomato, garlic and iberico ham, 79

2. Croquetas de la casa
Croquettes, 75

3. Surtido mixto de Ibéricos
Selection of Spanish Iberico and cheese, 149

4. Jamón de bellota pata negra
Iberic handcut bellota ham, 159

5. Cecina de León
Air-dried and lightly smoked beef from Leon, 145

6. Foie gras con compota de manzana caramelizado
Foie gras with caramelized apple compote, 135

7. Chorizo a la sidra
Spanish Chorizo cooked in cider, 85

8. Dátiles con panceta y reducción de vino oloroso
Dates wraped in bacon in port wine reduction, 75

9. Tortilla española
Spanish omelet with onions and potatoes, 75

10. Ensalda mixta con queso de cabra y nueces
Mixed seasoned salad with goat cheese and walnuts, 79

11. Pimentos rellenos de bacalao y langostinos
Peppers stuffed with cod and giant prawns, 95

12. Pulpo a la gallega
Fried Pimientos de padrón with giant prawns, 95

13. Gambas al ajilo con pimientos de padrón
Prawns in garlic with pimientos de padrón, 99

14. Calamares a la andaluza
Fried squid with garlic dressing, 85

15. Mejillones al vapor al Albariño
Mussels steamed in Albariño wine, 85

16. Chuletillas de cordero al ajillo
Grilled lamb chops, 145

17. Chupito de gazapacho andaluz
Andalusian gazpacho soup, 59

18. Tartar de salmón con mousse de aguacate y queso de cabra
Salmon tartar with avocado mousse and goat cheese, 119

19. Vieiras asadas con crema de calabaza y chips de alcachofas de jerusalén
Roasted scallops with pumpkin cream and Jerusalem artichokes chips, 145

20. Pincho moruno con verduras
Grilled marinated veal skewers with vegetables, 135

21. Presa Ibérica asada con mousse de patata y reducción de Pedro Ximenez
Iberico pork served with mashed potato and red wine reduction of Pedro Ximenez, 135

22. Tapas de chuletón a la brasa
Grilled ribeye tapas, 139

23. Patatas Bravas
Fried potatoes with alioli og chili sauce, 55

24. Albondigas caseras de ternera
Homemade meatballs of veal, 79

25. Sopa del dias
Today’s soup, 85

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